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Fall Leadership Rallies Recap


I hope you had fun at this year’s Fall Leadership Rallies! Your state officers loved connecting with all of you and helping you all write the beginning chapters to your FBLA stories!

It’s amazing how quickly time has passed since my first Fall Leadership Rally last year.

With each and every CTSO conference I attend, my love for FBLA grows fonder. There was nothing quite like the adrenaline rush I got when they announced the start of rallies. This being my first Fall Leadership Rally, I wasn’t sure what to expect, so I was excited to see what the CTSOs had to present! From an exciting opening session filled with laughter and balloons to an interactive CTSO session with FBLA, I fell in love with the feeling of attending such conferences. I never knew I could learn so much about leadership, networking, and FBLA in one day.

Now, being a state officer, it has been surreal planning for Fall Leadership Rallies this year! The state officer team has been working hard on our CTSO session for quite some time, so seeing it all come to life was so fulfilling. On top of that, getting to meet all of you, amazing members, and see your dazzling smiles made my entire week!

I really do hope all of you enjoyed the Fall Leadership Rallies this year! Here are some pictures to recap a couple of fun points about rallies:

You all looked amazing in your professional attire and FBLAzers!

I admired how enthusiastic you all were when it came to testing your knowledge with our Kahoot! You guys are totally FBLAwesome!

Also, I hope you all enjoyed listening to Rhett’s inspiring words!! I had the pleasure of sitting in on his workshop and it was awesome!

Thank you all for making this year’s Fall Leadership Rally so memorable and fun! It wouldn’t have been nearly the same without all of your energy! I hope you all enjoyed the pictures from Rallies for they are just a snippet of the amount of memories made! You will get the chance to see a Fall Leadership Rallies recap video from us soon!

Stay FBLAmazing!