State Officers 2019-2020

Jordan Boedekker
President of Nevada FBLA

From the City of Lights, Las Vegas, your new State President, Jordan Boeddeker, is a senior at Advanced Technologies Academy during the 2019 - 2020 school year. She has been in FBLA for two years and plans to continue in Phi Beta Lambda when she goes to college, where she intends to double major in International Business and Russian. This means she definitely sees some opportunities to study abroad. Some colleges that interest her are UNLV, UNR, the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and the University of South Carolina Columbia. When she's not focused on school, she loves to meet new people and create lasting memories through experiences! She loves the outdoors, including gardening, biking, and swimming. Currently, Jordan volunteers to help an elementary school build their own garden. A top priority for Jordan is spending time with family and friends. She always makes sure to set aside time for them and shower them with love. Learning languages is also a passion of hers; right now she's working on her fluency in Russian and Spanish. Her more creative side includes jamming out to good music, reading books and geeking out to Lord of the Rings in Harry Potter movie marathons. She especially looks forward to advancing Nevada FBLA and helping its members create experiences they will never forget.

Eddie Hsieh
Vice President of Membership

Hi! I’m Eddie Hsieh, the VP of Membership.

I attend West Technical and Career Academy, and I’m a Junior. I’ve been a member of FBLA for 3 years. I plan to go to a college in Canada like UBC or McGill, and I hope to become a businessman or entrepreneur. I joined FBLA to better myself, as well as learn about business in a club full of like minded people. This club means a lot to me, and I look forwards to working with the rest of the team to make FBLA as great as it can be!

Grace Pepiot
Eastern Region Vice President

Grace Pepiot, Eastern Region Vice President of NV FBLA, is a senior at Spring Creek High School in Spring Creek, NV. Grace’s senior year will be her fourth year involved with NV FBLA. She has served as an Admin Assistant, Vice President, and is currently holding a President position locally. She has received many awards academically and through FBLA, she has qualified for NLC two years in a row. She spends a lot of her time volunteering with her local chapter through Manor visits, local food drives, and other opportunities that come her way. Grace plans to attend Great Basin College in Elko, NV and receive a degree in Entrepreneurship, and then further her education in the Cosmetology field elsewhere in the future. She hopes to one day open up her own business and to be able to speak to young men and women on how they can make an impact regarding mental health in business and their personal life. Grace fills her life with adventure and humor, while soaking up as much sunshine with her mom as possible. She is always finding opportunities to experience collective joy, whether that be through concerts, public speakers, or kayaking with family! Grace plans on reaching out to younger classmen this upcoming year and getting them excited to be involved in the amazing organization of FBLA. She knows this year will be amazing, filled with various networking activities and leadership trainings. Grace is looking forward to her year as Eastern Region Vice President of NV FBLA, she is committed and determined to make this year her best!

Gavin Medal
Northern Region Vice President

I, Gavin Medal am the current Northern Region Vice President of the organization FBLA. I attend Reno High School located in Reno, Nevada, being a senior member in the graduating class of 2020. This is my second year with the organization. My awards received thus far are first place in cyber security, second place in agribusiness and forth place in graphic design. I am planning to attend the University of Nevada-Reno and graduate with a dual bachelor degree in biology and business (MBA) ultimately becoming an anesthesiologist and running my own practice. It has always been a dream of mine to become a CEO of a major successful company with an emphasis in medicine. Some of the benefits of being a member of FBLA include exceptional travel experiences, meeting new people and making connections with other likeminded individuals thus forming a network of people with the same goals. Learning the ins and outs of how to develop business plans through practice and having others involved in planning in order to make the best possible outcome happen. Other benefits include scholarships but most importantly FBLA provides individuals with opportunities. I am a stern believer in that, what one gets out of something is directly related to how much of an effort one puts into something.

Joanna Yi
Southern Region Vice President

Joanna Yi, from the forever shining city of Las Vegas, attends Ed W. Clark High School as a Junior and is proud to serve as the 2019-2020 Southern Region Vice President. She is excited to see both the organization and the members grow as a whole through experiencing the State and National Leadership Conference and creating bonds with other fellow members. Joanna will share the benefits of what FBLA has to offer through her leadership skills acquired from previous positions. She has been the treasurer for her local FBLA chapter and a manager and captain on the tennis team. She has been an active and proud member for 3 years placing 1st place in E-business in her freshman year and 1st place in Website Design and 3rd place in Global Business in her sophomore year. Joanna has also achieved the Future level of the Business Achievement Awards and the Community level for the Community Service Awards. Joanna strives to attend an ivy league and to obtain a PhD to prepare herself in becoming a Cardiovascular Surgeon and applying the experiences from FBLA to implement business in her future career. From her experiences as a fellow member and state officer of this organization, she can be sure that FBLA will contribute the success to many. In FBLA, you will be able to make bonds that go far beyond.

Annie Wang
Vice President of Service

From Las Vegas, the city that never sleeps, Annie Wang is a senior from Edward W. Clark High School and is delighted to represent Nevada FBLA as the 2019-2020 Nevada FBLA Vice President of Service. Annie has been apart of FBLA for three years, starting from sophomore year. Before deciding to run as a Nevada FBLA state officer, Annie has demonstrated the dedication and passion for both community service and FBLA. She has completed the Community and Service Levels of the Community Service Achievement Awards and has received exceptional results in every event she has participated in.

Through the contribution and changes FBLA has had on her, Annie hopes to major in Biochemistry and a minor in Business Management at a UC college. She plans on attending dentistry school after receiving her basic college education. After receiving a Bachelor’s and Master’s, Annie hopes to become an orthodontist with her own practice/clinic.

Outside of FBLA, Annie serves as the current President of National Technical Honor Society, captain of her school’s varsity tennis team, and the creator of National Chinese Honor Society. When she gets the rare opportunity to take a break, she likes to listen to music and play card games. These activities, alongside FBLA, has shaped Annie into the outgoing and hardworking person she is today.

Annie hopes to show old and new members the benefits and skills FBLA has and will bring into their lives. FBLA is the light that will help others grow and prosper and Annie hopes to show that to everyone. She can’t wait to take FBLA on a new journey with this year’s state officer team!

Kristen Calma
Vice President of Public Relations

Kirsten Calma, an upcoming junior at Ed. W. Clark High School, is proud to be your 2019-2020 Nevada FBLA Vice President of Public Relations. FBLA has been one of Kirsten’s passions, as she has been an active member since her freshman year. She has placed in every SBLC event that she participated in, and she will be attending NLC 2019.

Kirsten is enthralled by the world of business, finance,leadership, and opportunities. Hence, why she feels a sense of belongingness in FBLA. This club has allowed her to have a voice in not only her school, but in Nevada. With these passions, she plans to major finance; Kirsten dreams big and plans to become a successful woman in this male dominated career field.

In addition to FBLA, she is on the student advisory board for one of her school’s magnet programs: The Academy of Finance. Kirsten is also on her school’s tennis team. She also loves serving her community, as she was recently inducted into the National Honor Society.

Kirsten is beyond honored and excited to work with her fellow Nevada FBLA state officers. By the end of her term she hopes to inspire Nevada FBLA through hard work, excellent communication, and dedication.

Jessica He
Vice President of Media

Jessica He, the Nevada State FBLA Vice President of Media, will be a senior at Ed W. Clark High School in the 2019-2020 school year. After joining the organization in her sophomore year of high school, Jessica fell in love with FBLA. In 2018, Jessica attended the National Leadership Conference in Baltimore, receiving 6th place in Website Design. Other school clubs Jessica is in include the National Honor Society, Angel Heart, and HOSA. Previously, Jessica has served as the Secretary of the National Honor Society and the Vice President and President of the Angel Heart Foundation. Outside of school, Jessica enjoys playing piano, dancing, and designing.

Currently, Jessica is considering colleges in Texas and on the east coast, as she wants to explore the various cultures of the regions. She plans on majoring in cognitive science and minoring in business. Jessica loves to meet new people and make new friends. Not only does she love people, but she also loves inventions. Jessica hopes to create different mobile apps and websites, a design business, or a new innovation. She also hopes to help the less fortunate and environment through funding and donations. Jessica wants to impact the world in a positive way.